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Points: 4 (partial)
Time limit: 2.0s
Memory limit: 64M

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People can have a first, middle and last name. From these names, monograms can be formed by combining the first letter from each of their names. The monogram is the lowercase version of the first name, followed by the capital version of the middle name's first letter, then the first letter of the last name as a lowercase again. For example, for someone named George paul Alberto their monogram is gPa. Given someone's first, middle and last name, print their monogram.


The first line of input is the person's first name.
The second line of input is their middle name.
The last line is their last name.
The first name will always begin with a capital letter, the middle name will begin with a lowercase letter and the last name will begin with a capital letter. The names will only contain lowercase and capital letters.


Print their monogram as specified above.


For an additional bonus point, the person's name can begin with any case. Instead of printing a lowercase, capital then lowercase, print the opposite case of the first letter. For example, for someone named jOe Y RaBBit print Jyr.

Sample Input


Sample Output