Thornhill Computer Club 2023 - 2024

posted on Sept. 11, 2023, 12:00 a.m.


Hello TSSOJ, Computer club is officially starting again this year! To kick off the school year, here is some exciting news:

September Contest

There will be a TSSOJ contest starting September 15th allowing submissions until September 30th. The problems are arranged in increasing difficulty ranging between CCC J1 - S3 level.
Everyone is encouraged to try the contest out and practice some problem solving. This contest is not rated. (rated contest coming in the future)
Join here

Executive applications are now open!

We are desperately looking for new members to help run the club (and potentially take over next year).
Here is the form if you want to apply:

Apply for 1 of 2 different roles:
Executive: Executives will help plan out club meetings, advertise the club, plan events, and learn how to operate TSSOJ.
Problem Setter: Learns how to create problems on TSSOJ.

Meeting information

Lastly, Computer club meetings will begin after the club fair in October. Meetings will continue on Friday after school (official date TBD).

That's all the news for today.

If you want to be notified for future events, join the TCC Discord.
To join the discord server, go to the Navigation bar, and under Club, click DISCORD.
Head over to the ⁠#role-signup channel and add yourself to the @Notifications role (just click the checkmark).

Note: Only TSS students will be able to chat!


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