A Guide to Contributing to GitHub Repositories

This tutorial will show you how to fork, create/edit a file, and create a Pull Request on the TSSOJ-Solutions repository

First, navigate to the repository and create a fork.

Create a Fork

Go to your forked repository and create a new file.

On the fork, create a new file

On the file name, enter solutions/<problem type>/<problem code>.<language extension> and paste in your solution. Make sure you have a comment explaining the main idea of your solution, you do not need to comment every single line.

Edit the file and add a brief description

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Commit new file

Commit your changes to the fork

Click Pull request

Create a Pull Request

On the next page click Create pull request

Click Create Pull Request

Carefully fill in the form, detailing your submission language, TSSOJ link and put in an x to indicate that you have read the rules and guidelines outlined in the README file.

Fill in the Pull Request Form, and check you have completed all the steps.

Thank You for contributing!